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About the Conference

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Welcome to the Making Me A Mommy Conference – an exhilarating celebration of motherhood, empowerment, and community! More than just an event, it's a gathering of kindred spirits committed to uplifting moms at every stage.


Through inspiring speakers, engaging workshops, and heartfelt connections, we create a space for moms to learn, grow, and flourish together. Join us as we embrace the diverse experiences of motherhood and empower each other to embrace our strength, resilience, and joy.


Don't miss Houston's Livest Mommy Meet-Up! Indulge in delectable bites, sip on refreshing drinks, and enjoy shopping, live DJ entertainment, networking, and more! Plus, win exciting door prizes and giveaways!


Unleash your inner goddess at our pole dancing event! Savor delicious bites, sip on refreshing drinks, and get ready for a night of endless fun!


Find tranquility at the Momaste Yoga Experience, where mindfulness and relaxation await. Join us for rejuvenating sessions of inner harmony and balance.


Step into elegance at Mom-Me En Blanc, our chic all-white dinner affair! It's the ultimate brunch experience, filled with savory delights and joyous company!


The Making Me A Mommy Conference Weekend promises to be unforgettable. Tickets are limited, so secure yours today!

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